Job interview preparation & coaching

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, especially if you haven’t had a lot of interview practice, or been through the application and interview process recently. Professional coaching with Lee will help you to increase the odds in your favour. He will make sure that you give the very best account of yourself during the interview process and he will guide you in the right direction to help you achieve success


“As an interview coach, my job interview preparation & coaching sessions will enable you to understand what you can expect to happen during an interview and will help you feel confident and prepared for it.


I will share various strategies with you that are essential to use when preparing for and taking part in interviews. I spent many years in a major London company carrying out interviews. I have also successfully applied for various positions and attended job interviews myself over time. So I have experienced what it is like from both sides – to be interviewed and to be the interviewer.


My unique experience and interview coaching sessions will help you to prepare for, and feel more confident about attending upcoming interviews. We will work through strategies that you can use to help you during the application and interview process. You will learn to use these techniques to construct ideal answers that you can use to answer different types of interview questions.


I will also complete live practice interviews with you and give you timely and useful feedback about your answers. With this whole process, you will feel more accustomed to questions that you may be asked and be ready to give answers that meet the required standard.


Invest in yourself and contact me now to arrange some job interview preparation & coaching sessions with me and give yourself the very best chance of getting the job that you want and deserve”.