Exam preparation coaching

These exam preparation sessions are suitable for either working professionals or students who are seeking to take an accredited English exam. During these sessions, you will practice speaking, listening, reading, writing, and receive guided examination practice using specific practice materials to help you achieve the examination results that you desire and deserve. We will share with you the best tips, techniques, and skills that students have used to achieve high scores.

These sessions will coach you and give you valuable insight into what to expect during your exam and how to prepare for every aspect being tested. You will build your confidence and overall understanding of the English language in a friendly and professional learning environment, fully supported at every step of the learning process.


We have already guided and coached numerous students to success in various examinations:

  • Euroexam
  • Cambridge – PET, FCE, CAE
  • Matura Exam – Hungary
  • Érettségi bizonyítvány – Hungary


Contact us now to discuss which exam you wish to take along with your objectives, required level, and goals.