General English Lessons

All of our lessons are structured around your particular learning needs. The main focus of these lessons is to improve your confidence and knowledge of general English. This means that we will work on any grammar needs that you may have – learning specific rules, or refreshing your knowledge of them. Grammar is important, even if it is not always the most thrilling subject – but knowledge is power, and understanding grammar is essential.

We will also focus on improving and expanding your vocabulary. This will help you to understand and use more complex English to express yourself – a common request from many of our students.

We will also help you to improve your conversational English. We will have lots of conversations about a variety of interesting and topical subjects. These will help you to become familiar with, and confident about holding conversations in English, as you will be hearing and using different words, grammar tenses, and intonation/word stress.

Writing is also an important skill that is sometimes overlooked. To overcome this, we often give our students subjects to write about. Together, we then review the written work online, give constructive feedback, and make any necessary corrections, explaining why errors exist and how to eliminate them. By doing this, you will improve your writing skills – no more using inaccurate, unreliable translation programs for your writing!

Reading and listening comprehension are also important skills and we cover these during all of our English lessons together.

Our lessons are based on your learning needs. We don’t have a rigid, 100% fixed lesson for everyone. During lessons, specific learning needs or requests arise. We deal with these as they come along and cover them as required. We are all individuals and sometimes have differing personal learning needs. Because of this, we always try to be flexible and adaptable with our students.

Lastly, we always endeavour to provide a nice, friendly, fun, and personalised lesson for you, as we believe that this is the best way to learn.

We hope that you like what you have read and feel that you would like to learn with us. If you do, please contact Lee or Erika via phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.